Nov 14, 2015

Stop Sabotaging Yourself

A cartoon character, Pogo, said: “We have met the enemy and he is us. Many people are doing themselves in. They jeopardise their credibility by doing adversity. It is ironic to know that despite having higher education and good skills, many sabotage themselves in the workplace.

Here are the seven most common areas where employees sabotage their credibility and their careers.

According to a 2012 Gallup’s 142-country study, only 13 per cent of employees worldwide are engaged at work. The study found that most employees are not committed to their jobs and, hence, unlikely to contribute to their organisations.

Many employees think they can get away by doing the minimum. They rationalise that they should do less since they are not paid more. They believe performance does not matter as long as they do enough to get by. However, by doings so, they are shortchanging themselves from acquiring more knowledge and skills. They are missing out great opportunities to show their abilities. They convey a message of being less capable and lack initiative. When a great opportunity for a bigger responsibility arises, they will be bypassed for lack of evidence of good performance. And, of course when tough time comes along, their jobs would be at stake.

     There are employees who despite their good work, go about offending others. Some are hot tempered. Others are rude or blunt for their own good. These people know about interpersonal skill, but are ignorant about people skills. Unless one is aware of the negative impact of his offending behaviour on himself and his future prospects, he will continue his self-defeating antics. He needs to know that every time he offends people, he is undoing his good work and sabotaging his credibility.

     There is no question that many changes - be it new system, a new structure or new equipment -  take adjustment. Many employees will initially resist change, however, most will abandon the old and adopt the new. However, there are employees who continue to resist and boycott changes introduced in the workplace.
     These are the “hardcore resistors” who, despite the encouragement and support provided, refuse to change. They are betraying their education, experience and talent. They resist change not due to their lack of ability but their unwillingness to change and learn.

     It is bad enough when others try to discredit what one has achieved. What’s worse is when one tries to dishonour others. Man may think an innocent self-deprecating remark is a simple expression of humility.
     As and illustration, an executive, after putting his best in completing his assignment, made a self-deprecating remark, “I am not good in writing and don’t have the flare for numbers. I hope I have not messed things up in my report.” When things are going smoothly, such remarks may be taken as modesty. Howevery, when things do not go so well and where leaders are looking for the cause of a problem, a self-deprecating remark like this may creates doubts about an individual’s ability or performance.

     An employee who has a negative attitude shows it in all aspects of work. He has nothing good to say about customers. He criticises his superior’s decision. He is cynical about other’s behaviour. He looks for the slightest faults in others and blows it out of proportion. He blames company policies or procedures for hampering people from doing work. He makes it difficult for people to work with him as he focuses on problems instead of solutions. After a while, he develops the reputation of being negtive and his superior will begin to see him as a problematic person. His negative attitude is his No. 1 enemy and is damaging his career.

     Most of us would not wear a shirt that has stains on it as it would reflect us as a sloppy person. Likewise, poor quality work puts a stain on our credibility as it reflects apathy, incompetence or poor discipline. Our work is in fact a reflection of ourselves. Just as a person would take the effort to groom oneself to look good, it is important for an employee to do work with quality to reflect his image.

     Some employees think that they are doing things above board if they take medical leave or emergency leave occasionally. They argue as long as they feel a little unwell, it is all right to be on leave. While it is all right to attend to emergencies once a while, the reality is that requent medical and emergency leave will tarnish one’s image. Their superiors will question the reliability of such staff. They will avoid giving important assignments to them. Whilt it is not possible to eliminate such leave, minimising them with better management is the key to prevent such matters from sabotaging your career.
     Stop sabotaging yourself and your career by avoiding the above bad work practices.

Sep 8, 2015

Mana iklan AdSense ni?

Habislah juga 5, 6 jam dari semalam saya mencari apa yang silapnya dengan kod Google Adsense yang saya pasang. Salah kod kah? Kenapa tak nampak apa-apa lagi iklan dari Google Adsense? Bukannya tak sabar nak klik, tapi munculnya pun tak nampak lagi.

Cari punya cari, akhirnya bertemulah jua jawapannya. Rupanya kena cari dengan Google, taip dalam bahasa Inggeris "how long adsense appear", barulah faham. Setelah langkah pertama permohonan akaun Adsense lulus, ada pula langkah kedua.

Iaitulah, kita tampal kod Adsense dalam web, namun ianya tak akan keluar lagi, hanya ada kotak transparen / jernih sahaja. Kita kena tunggu. Tunggu mereka merangkak (crawl) ke web kita, mereka review lagi, barulah mereka luluskan, dan keluarlah iklan.

Betulkah begitu?

Harapnya betullah. :)

Sep 7, 2015

220 juta boleh berbahasa Melayu?

Tiba-tiba datang semangat nak tulis entri dalam bahasa Melayu, setelah hampir 12 bulan terbiar sepi blog ini. Haha.. :D Sebelum ini saya cuba untuk tulis dalam bahasa Inggeris, agak susah mengolah ayat, jadi takut. Takut orang tegur salah grammar, salah tatabahasa, salah nahu dan ejaan. Pelik. Kalau bahasa Melayu, salah ejaan ke, salah tatabahasa ke, salah ejaan keww, orang buat tak peduli, tak kisah sangat pun. Hmm.. entahla.

Dari mana datangnya semangat? Datangnya apabila Google Adsense telah mengiktiraf bahasa Melayu. Haha.. Memang agak lambat saya ambil tindakan, tahu lama dah yang Adsense dah mula terima bahasa Melayu, tapi diri sendiri yang malas nak ambil tindakan, diri sendirilah yang tanggung akibatnya.

Betulkah katanya 220 juta orang boleh berbahasa Melayu? Mungkin benar, kerana populasi rakyat Malaysia sekitar 30 juta lebih, ditambah pula dengan rakyat Indonesia yang bahasa hampir sama dengan bahasa Melayu, tambah lagi dengan rakyat Brunei. Mungkin benar kenyataan itu.

Jadi, setelah banyak kali ditolak permohonan Adsense saya atas faktor bahasa Melayu tiada dalam senarai, kini saya mencuba lagi sekali. Moga berjaya hendaknya. Ameen. :)

Nov 20, 2014

How to get ideas to write blog entry?

It's normal for bloggers / writers to face mental block when it comes to generate new ideas. I also face the same problem sometimes. I try to read a lot of books to try to generate ideas to write or blog, however, I find it difficult. It could be because I want to make it too perfect that startle me to start writing.

So, first, to get ideas to write, just start with whatever that come up on your mind.

Okay, so this is my first short and brief entry in English. I'm trying to practice my English writing skills which I think is at low level.

So, here goes.

Aug 14, 2011

Belajar buat web dengan Joomla 1.7

Web ringantangan yang baru.
Sekadar nak bercerita, sebelum ni, saya gunakan Joomla 1.6 untuk website saya. Kemudian, saya mula sedar pentingnya untuk update kepada Joomla 1.7, kerana isu-isu keselamatan (spam, hack dan sebagainya). Jadi saya pun terus update. Sudah diberi peringatan supaya backup data. Tapi saya kurang faham. Saya ada ikut arahan (step by step instruction) untuk backup, tapi saya tak faham lagi bagaimana nak pasang semula (restore) backup yang saya dah buat itu. Akhirnya, saya pasang Joomla 1.7 yang baru sahaja. Hilanglah artikel-artikel yang saya dah tulih sebelum-sebelum ni. Begitu juga dengan komen dari rakan-rakan.

Pengajaran yang paling berharga adalah melalui pengalaman. Pengalaman adalah institut pengajian yang paling tinggi. :)
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